GLITTER_GUTTER: Converse and J. W. Anderson team-up for an All Stars capsule

by Kristel Liakou

What would you have thought of Chuck Taylor All Stars embroidered with glitter? We could say that this specific mix combines streetwear with high-fashion. A few days ago we spotted Chuck Taylor All Stars embroidered with glitter during Pitti Uomo, where the London-based brand J. W. Anderson showcased his latest collection, a result of its partnership with Converse.

A new approach to the iconic shoes has been born, 1990s aesthetics and no sex -every pair is announced as “unisex”. Designer Jonathan Anderson noted “GLITTER_GUTTER stemmed from the idea of breaking iconic silhouettes with something unexpected. Taking the glitter out of context and wearing it with a pair of washed chinos, for example” and he added “We wanted to work on a product that could still read as a low Chuck ’70, but work on the details. A vintage ballerina that inspired it was actually more of a sport slipper in mesh. I liked the functionality and lightness of that shoe, and we decided to adopt some details to reinterpret the icon”.

As for us, we think that Aderson took advantage of the popular Converse; he made a collection that was nothing different and he took fame and loads of pounds back. There is no news that designers try to be accessible and known by partnering with streetwear brands.

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