The “No Subculture” issue of the 21st century

Whatever became of Rockabillies, Beatniks, Mods, Punks and Emos? Every decade has been defined by a specific culture and by even more subcultures. Masses often identify with the culture; on the contrary, only a handful of misfits make a subculture. There is no need to say that both -masses and misfits- are useful to society. If you think about it, a “culture” is a greater, often popular, way of life (ideas, music and other manifestations) that includes smaller lifestyles, commonly known as “subcultures”. The latter is not pop at all, but rather a rebellious way of life. Those rebellions (that most of the times made the world a better place to live in) have always been translated into fashion, through personal style. There is a reason as to why sociologists observe human behaviour through the prism of fashion and style, right?

The 21st century has been defined by sexual freedom, technological orgasm and easy access. Indeed, these days you can access pretty much everything by typing a few words on your phone. Same with style -you can be whoever you want; if you are feeling the rock vibe today you can be that, and if the next day you would want to be Kim Kardashian, you can be that too. Nowadays it is easy to buy online from a fast-fashion shop a glittery 1980s pair of shoes and the next day to buy combat back boots. You want it, you do it. Simple as that. No second thoughts (no thought in general).

Does anybody distinguish something different style-wise these days? Is there something else to see apart from the ungendered-minimal style or the no-style-at-all? Can anybody detect the rebellious, politically active working class; or they just hit the snooze button in their i-phones?

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