ARMEDANGELS give us a sustainable alternative to viscose

Most of us when we think of viscose, we think about a harmful, synthetic material. As you probably already know, materials have classes –not all of them are harmful to the environment and to the people. So when it comes to viscose, the EcoVero type is the good, green option. This particularly eco-friendly produced viscose fabric is made on site at a factory plant in Austria. Instead of bamboo or eucalyptus plantations, as it is the case with similar fabrics, the raw material for the cellulose fibre comes directly from Europe – over 60% of it from Austria and Bavaria. All of the wood is FSC- or PEFC-certified.

ARMEDANGELS, the eco and fair fashion label from Cologne, is known for its sustainable character and transparency. During a visit to the production site of the Austrian Lenzing company located by the Attersee Lake in October 2017, the brand assured themselves of the quality and sustainability of the newly developed fabric EcoVero.


The use of chemicals such as hydrogen sulphide and carbon disulphide required for the production of viscose is necessary for the production of EcoVero, too. Through innovative environmental processes, almost all chemicals used are recovered and reused. This way, the production of EcoVero causes 50% fewer emissions and requires only half as much water. “When it comes to viscose, this is by far the best thing available on the world market”, states Christian Brandt, COO at ARMEDANGELS since 2016.

Viscose products are in high demand at ARMEDANGELS. “But we didn’t even consider using the fibre until we found this environmentally friendly version”, Brandt says.

“We are still too far away from the consumer”, head of marketing and distribution Robert van de Kerkhof states in the conversation with ARMEDANGELS. Still, the environmental consciousness of the customers has noticeably grown over the course of the last ten years. The Lenzing company wants to make use of this movement. “Our goal is to raise awareness among as many customers as possible for the consequences of what they decide to buy”, says van de Kerkhof.

To reach this goal, Lenzing invested several years of research. The new fabric was launched in September. Along with ARMEDANGELS, the first and only eco & fair fashion label to add EcoVero to its range of products so far, a few conventional chains are among the first users.


*The first EcoVero styles are going to be available at ARMEDANGELS starting 4th of December 2017.


Editing: Kristel Liakou

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