Berlin Street-Style: How Berliners really look like

Photos by Léah Njeim

I ‘ve always enjoyed scrolling down through every street style reportage about every fashion mecca. Street style has been used as a style-forecaster, defining trends and pin-pointing subcultures. Nowadays, street style photos look like amateur editorials without a point.

When I first came to Berlin, I had an idea of how people dress. I had seen hundreds of Berlin Fashion Week street style reportages and I knew that the crowd was kinda plain, Vetements-alternative and ungendered.

By the time I did my first walk in Friedrichshain and Neukolln, I got completely frustrated. Vogue‘s street style guides portrayed fancy people. Well, where are they? I couldn’t even spot them in Mitte and Prenzlauerberg.

It appears that Berlin Street Style -as we know it- is irrelevant. Even though everyone talks about the uniqueness and the queerness of Berliners, media often portray them as people who embrace socially constructed ideas of beauty and that is far from true.

Our duty is to present the truth, so that is what we did with regard to Berlin Street Style. This is our first part representing real Berliners. Enjoy!

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