Bone up on Wonder Woman: Who is the actual creator?

by Kristel Liakou


Wonder Woman is D for Superman, The Princess of Themyscira for the Amazons and Diana Prince for the society. The pop culture superheroine was published in graphic novels by DC Comics. Since then she is a continuing symbol of female empowerment. The versatile woman created by the American psychologist and writer, widely known as Charles Moulton. Are we missing something here? Yes, if you open up a Wonder Woman comic, you’ll notice the words “created by William Marston Moulton”. Although that’s not quite the whole story.

Of course, Marston has “drawn” Wonder Woman’s character and write her story but the man who actually draw her in 1941, is the illustrator Harry G. Peter. Although he went on to be uncredited, he continued with Wonder Woman until his death in 1958 and defined her look for years. With Wonder Woman back in the pop-culture spotlight, it’s worth remembering the artist who brought her to life.

If you were wondering how did Wonder Woman looked like back in early years, let us present you the first ever sketch of her, in a letter written by Harry G. Petter to William Maston Moulton. This letter takes everything back in place and it was sold about 11 years ago for 75,000$.

wonder woman, first sketch


Here’s Peter’s original letter:

Dear Dr. Marston, I slapped these two out in a hurry. The eagle is tough to handle – when in perspective or in profile, he doesn’t show up clearly — the shoes look like a stenographer’s. I think the idea might be incorporated into a sort of Roman contraption. -Peter


And here’s Marston’s feedback:

Dear Pete – I think the gal with hand up is very cute. I like her skirt, legs, hair. Bracelets okay + boots. These probably will work out. See other suggestions enclosed. No on these + stripes – red + white. With eagle’s wings above or below breasts as per enclosed? Leave it to you. Don’t we have to put a red stripe around her waist as belt? I thought Gaines wanted it – don’t remember. Circlet will have to go higher – more like crown – see suggestions enclosed. See you Wednesday morning – WMM.


*Wonder Woman movie, directed by Patty Jenkins, is out in cinemas in 2th of June (USA).

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