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Decluttering MAVRU fashion blogger’s closet

A girl from Kiato, a small town in Peloponnese, appears to be the most interesting fashion blogger in Greece. Elizabeth Mavru moved to Athens at the age of 18, to study Interior Design and she never went back. Not long ago, I visited Elizabeth at her apartment. She shared a ton of […]

vitamine c

The extravagant closet and character of Vitamin C

After Constantina Papakonstantinou graduated from the Theater Department of the University of Peloponnese, Faculty of Fine Arts and while she was spending time back at her hometown, Larissa, -working at her family business- she decided to move to Athens and find what she wanted to do with her life. The […]

deco, closet liberation

Finding balance in chaos with Kostas Dekoumes

People usually pretend to be more than what they actually are. I like to meet the opposite kind; the ones that pretend to be less. Kostas Dekoumes, also known as Deko, an Athens-based freelance photographer, is one of them. He bought a camera in 2009 and, being an amateur, started to experiment more and more. […]


We decluttered Fay Lander’s closet

25 years old. Hair colour –  always depends on her mood. Could be bubblegum pink one week and baby blue the next!  Every time I see her, she has some adventure to tell me about some crazy party she went to yesterday, or the day before that, or the day […]