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RE-NT: A rental service or the future of retail?

Enjoying the 1990s grunge revival at the moment? Or you are more into the 1980s athleisure philosophy? Or maybe you hate maximalism and you are all about hippy modernism -a throwback to the 1970s. The thing is that nowadays no one has to choose whether to wear a leopard printed […]


Resolutions: What changed in the fashion industry the previous year

Personally, I have a ton of things that changed in 2018 to discuss with you. Thank your god, that this article is all about things that have changed in the fashion industry during 2018 and we would be glad to see them changing the following years. Let’s discuss some of […]

awkward fall 2018 trends

Top Worst Fall 2018 Fashion Trends That No-One Really Understands

I have always had an eye for the upcoming trends. Don’t ask me how I’ve mastered it. It is like an instinct, certainly something that I accidentally do. Now, after spending eight months in a small city in Laconia, Greece I can say with authority that I can spot with […]

Minki SS19 – London Fashion Week

I have always loved open air markets. When I was a little girl, my mother used to take me with her to the market every Monday and Saturday. Later on, I found myself strolling through several flea markets around the world. My favourites are the flea-market at Mauerpark, Berlin and […]

the future of retail

The future of retail and e-tail

When I was younger I used to think a lot about my future. I still am. Future sounds appealing just because is unknown and (could be) wild. On the subject of fashion and specifically retail, future doesn’t look that clear, in comparison to what a forecaster would have said twenty […]


Wear It Festival and the revolution of the digitized clothing

Wear It Festival on 19 and 20 June 2018 at Kulturbrauerei Berlin brings together the most successful innovators in the Wearables and E-textile industry to present a new generation of digital clothing. Time is pressing – today’s customers expect lifestyle products to understand them and respond to individual needs with […]

berlin street style front

Berlin Street-Style: How Berliners really look like

Photos by Léah Njeim I ‘ve always enjoyed scrolling down through every street style reportage about every fashion mecca. Street style has been used as a style-forecaster, defining trends and pin-pointing subcultures. Nowadays, street style photos look like amateur editorials without a point. When I first came to Berlin, I […]

Yoga Collection from Ba&sh

This is the new Yoga Collection from Ba&sh

Ba&sh is a worth knowing French international brand, that really captures the Parisian style. We adore it because of its chic sensual feminine character. The brand of the Barbara Boccara and Sharon Krief surprises us with a second yoga capsule collection. Together with Ana Heart, they designed the hippest yoga […]


A glove story

by Rossella Salzillo Gloves are undoubtedly useful. They prevent your hands from getting serious damages because of the cold, like so-called chilblains. They make you feel warm and comfortable, day and night when walking or riding your bike. In some other cases, they help you do your gardening without wounds. They […]