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Statement Coat: a guide to shop bargain outerwear

It is the most wonderful time of the year. Additionally, it is the coldest time of the year. Luckily statement coats and furs are now a thing, and it is ok to be on a hunt for that trendy outerwear. After all, a coat will help you to deal with […]

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Cyber Thrifting: The best online second-hand stores

Thrifting addicts, people who get overwhelmed in a place like a typical thrift store, and lads who now figure out why buying second-hand is that important, this article is for you. We have already talked about thrifting apps and other cyber-spaces where you can find or sell stuff. Today though, […]

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De-clutter your wardrobe: Three key steps to find your style

In other words, you should declutter your closet in order to find your style. Let me speak from personal experience. I used to have this huge bedroom back at my house in Athens, Greece. Two out of four walls were covered by closets -not to mention that the one wall was […]

Secondhand shopping made easy with this free app

Autumn feels like a new beginning and often, most of us tend to make our fashion-related purchases at this particular time of the year. Why? Because we feel that it is the right moment to update our wardrobe and style. It is getting colder and we don’t really know what […]

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Folk Fashion: Greek brands know how to folklore

Folklore fashion stands for the ethnic fashion code, culture, and lifestyle of a country. It is not only a style but a way of expression of a whole nation or a specific region in a specific period of time. There are many folklore trends that people still follow which is […]

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The best graphic T-shirts are made in Greece

by Kristel Liakou “A T-shirt (or t-shirt, or tee) is a style of unisex fabric shirt, named after the T shape of the body and sleeves…” documents Wikipedia defining the meaning of the classic T-shirt. Let us add that, back in 1904, Jockey International (Cooper’s Inc.) launched the “bachelors undershirt”, […]


Capitalist Fashion Industry knocked down by Lucinda Chambers

For all the theoreticians, fashion would be like another way to live the bourgeois society -often dictated by the western world. It could be an excuse for the rich to exploit the poor or a lens to look through capitalism. Karl Marx would say “The textile industry inaugurated the factory […]