Citizens of the World: Niš, Serbia

by Kristel Liakou

Niš is the third largest city in Serbia. We can assume that it is more likely an industrial city having tobacco, electronics, construction, food processing, and so many more industries. It is considered the cultural center of the south-eastern part of the Republic of Serbia and this is very important. Why do you ask? Because culture means social behavior, psychology, style, expression and so many more factors that we care about.

Fashion-wise, Serbia in the 1970s and 1980s was not only home to Yugoslavia’s textile industry but was also a fashion mecca for the region. Belgrade Fashion Week, established in 1996, was the first of its kind in Eastern Europe. Nowadays, Serbian Fashion Week takes place in Novi Sad. It seems its popularity is increasing since fashion magazines and media -like Vogue Italia– are mentioning it more and more.

Theory aside, we visited Serbia and got to experience beautiful Niš and its people up-close. It’s easy to see the marks left behind by the transition from socialism to capitalism -not only on their appearance but also on their attitude. Of course, you can definitely see decent street style but, what drew our attention was the older people, who were carrying their history and reflecting it through their clothes. That’s the beauty of this city, the old vintage feeling. The hardship that defined their psychology. Authentic human beings, being themselves and not trying to be something else, more upscale perhaps (as this is a major problem in Greece). So there it is an alternative street style memorial from Niš, Serbia.


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