Finding balance in chaos with Kostas Dekoumes

People usually pretend to be more than what they actually are. I like to meet the opposite kind; the ones that pretend to be less. Kostas Dekoumes, also known as Deko, an Athens-based freelance photographer, is one of them. He bought a camera in 2009 and, being an amateur, started to experiment more and more. By now he has already worked for some of the biggest international product companies, as a photographer or as a cinematographer, filmed festivals, video- art, commercials, while also working on his personal projects (music, extreme sports).

It is more than interesting to interview someone who knows about aesthetic quality, and at the same time, learn that aesthetics is not always connected with harmony. When I opened his closet what struck me right away the chaotic harmony in which he hangs his clothes. Deko is a kind of minimalist -not owning too much, he knows his style and what suits him. Check here what he donated to our good cause.

Photos: Vassia Vlachou

Describe your style with one of your photos.

My shots are a bit dark, with a lot of contrast and intense black. I want my photos to make an impact, not to be a drop in the bucket, which is what I also want for my style.

If you had to declutter your career, what you would toss away?

A past partnership. It was a bad deal with an uninteresting person. But this belongs to the past and I don’t think I have another story to mention. I managed to make a living out of my hobby because I have the opportunity to work on things I like and I choose.

Coming out of your body, if you had to photograph your own self in a fashion editorial, how would you do that?

Either totally minimal in front of a white background or by taking several dark photos of various body parts of mine and combining them into the whole Deko.

Your wardrobe shows that you find harmony in chaos. Does this apply to other aspects of your life?

Chaos and harmony. This is my way of thinking. When something unexpected happens my first thoughts are chaotic, which eventually become harmonious and everything makes sense. My life, just like my closet, looks chaotic from the outside but I know where everything is and why.

If you had to choose between Fashion Photography and Street Photography, what you would choose?

Why not Fashion Street Photography? The mix of Fashion and Photography is very appealing and interesting, but I would probably choose Street Photography because it gives you a greater sense of freedom.

Do you think that your personal style affects your everyday life?

Definitely. I usually dress based on my current mood, so I am pretty sure that my image interacts with other people.

In the end, would your multicoloured socks match your tuxedo?

Of course and I would do that the best way. You know, looking serious on the outside but jokey from the inside.

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