The extravagant closet and character of Vitamin C

After Constantina Papakonstantinou graduated from the Theater Department of the University of Peloponnese, Faculty of Fine Arts and while she was spending time back at her hometown, Larissa, -working at her family business- she decided to move to Athens and find what she wanted to do with her life. The whole idea was a life experiment that lead her to fashion.

At the time I met her both of us were attending the Summer Intensive Course by Vasilis Zoulias at Fashion Workshop Mod’ Art. When I met her I was instantly drawn to her. She was very much like my favourite fashion persona Agyness Deyn, from the outside and the most down- to- earth, kind person with a true interest in fashion, from the inside. I was impressed by her unique style, and ease at wearing pyjamas -as I would denim- and her extravagant clothes. Don’t ask me why, but we called her “Vitamin”.

After a few years and way too far from those early impressions, Vitamin is going to graduate from the two- years program “Fashion Design & Styling” by Fashion Workshop Mod’ Art. The exciting part is that once this happens, around September, Vitamin will also launch her first collection under the name of her brand, Vitamin C. Check here what she donated for our good cause.

While building your brand up, was “ethical fashion” something of your concern?

I believe, even though the idea of this brand it is still in progress, that living in modern ages we all have ethical codes, somewhere in mind. This information cannot be ignored anymore.

If you had to choose just one outfit for the rest of your life, which would it be?

Jimjams! It would definitely be Pjs, or animal printed clothes. So the perfect combo looks like “pyjamas in black and white animal print”.

Living in a capitalist society which pushes us to consumerism and appoints fashion as the third most polluting industry in the world, would you like to make the difference and mark your brand “slow fashion”?

As a shopper, I don’t go after “what is hot”. I want to know what is going on trend-wise, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that I buy into those trends, because I am more of an image person. Trends don’t give you character and don’t show personality. So if we imagine that every brand carries the general belief of his creator, Vitamin C will be a brand with its own flow and pulse. I am not interested in making collections just because they should be Spring-Summer, Fall-Winter, Resort. I wouldn’t be able to follow the classic way of doing things because I believe the change. Society changes so fashion has to change as well– and we have to feel the needs of now.

In your opinion, what does it take to be well-dressed?

I would die to say a catchphrase, so I will “well-dressed is the one that walks by you wearing a basic white tee and you applause” -even though I believe that’s quotes are cheesy. So, yes, to be well-dressed doesn’t require big brand names. Well- dressed is the one that wears a super basic outfit but still has something to say about their personality.

Sequins or glitter?

More glitter less bitter!

Polychrome or monochrome?

I would go with polychrome, even though I still like a total mono outfit.

What is the philosophy you will follow as Vitamin C?

I would say, streetwear. I was probably influenced by my older brother who also owns his streetwear clothing brand, DxD. Last year we teamed- up for a small collection* which actually went ok.

*You can find the Vitamin C x DxD at DUDE LRS, in Larisa and online after contact.

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