De-clutter your wardrobe: Three key steps to find your style

In other words, you should declutter your closet in order to find your style. Let me speak from personal experience. I used to have this huge bedroom back at my house in Athens, Greece. Two out of four walls were covered by closets -not to mention that the one wall was actually the glass partition that led to the balcony.

Inside the wardrobes -as you very well imagine- there was clothing and accessories. I used to be a collector. I was thinking subconsciously, that a person who works in fashion has to be trendy and extraordinary. Thus I had days that I didn’t have anything to wear, or days wearing this blingy dress that I didn’t feel comfortable in. Sometimes I struggled to style my clothes and put an outfit together -keep in mind that I wasn’t lacking skills cause at the time I was a stylist’s assistant.

Since I wasn’t the problem, what was the reason I couldn’t find my own personal style? I could say youth is the problem. To be honest, you have to go on a big journey in order to find your style. Let me help you with that.

The first thing you have to do in order to find your style, it’s to get rid of the excess. Sometimes you have to narrow down the options and keep it simple in order to succeed a bold, sharp and significant style. Accordingly, you have to take out all the things you have in your closet and get rid of the clutter to minimize the fash. And by “get rid of the clutter” I mean to donate or sell or even give to a charity/second-hand shop. Throw away stuff which you regret buying, things you keep for times like “once I lost weight” or “for special occasions” and items that need fixing. So take a deep breath and get started; consider the three steps below.

1. Pick a style

Yes, it is true. You have to pick a side. You can’t be everything. I mean you do, but as far as you have mastered your style identity you have to accept some limitations. Take a look at those mood-boards I prepared for you and think what it would be more likely to wear.

Now you know. You are edgy and rock or boheme, or classic, or masculine. And for men, you are either dapper, rock n roll or sportish. It’s a good start.

2. Define your lifestyle

Your lifestyle structures the frame of your style. Therefore when it comes to what you will keep in your closet, the things you do in everyday life -both at work and in your leisure time- are two factors that you always have to keep in mind.

3. Define your go-to looks

I don’t believe in rules like “when you are flat-chested wear this” or “when you have big hips wear that”. You should wear whatever makes you feel sexy and wild. If you can sell your image, I will buy it. It is all about confidence and convenience. Recall what you tend to wear more and how do you feel in particular outfits. Which are the go-to looks that you reach out every week? Those you should keep.

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