Decluttering MAVRU fashion blogger’s closet

A girl from Kiato, a small town in Peloponnese, appears to be the most interesting fashion blogger in Greece. Elizabeth Mavru moved to Athens at the age of 18, to study Interior Design and she never went back.

Not long ago, I visited Elizabeth at her apartment. She shared a ton of interesting things with me. She’s the kind of person that you feel like that you’ve known them forever. We talked about her Erasmus days in Madrid, where she first discovered fashion design but that wasn’t her actual path. “Thank god I had good colleagues because if it weren’t for them I wouldn’t have passed the class. My design sketches were childish” she explains. She also shared her years after her graduation with me, up until her current situation as a fashion blogger “It all started by chance. Eleftheria, the designer of the greek brand “Hallelujah”, gave me the idea. Up until that point, I barely knew that fashion bloggers existed”.

*It was very challenging to declutter (not) the closet of a fashion blogger. She has done the editing already by herself. Check here what she donated for our good cause.

You mentioned earlier that you want to get more popular in order to have more impact on your followers. What is this influence all about?

It’s simple -I want to make the trends. I wanna be true to my style but at the same time, I want others to relate to it. Big plans, you see.

Media and social media are obsessed with perfection. Many people are obsessed with faking a picture-perfect life, while this lowers the self-esteem for most of us. Do you ever criticize yourself for the content you put out there?

I often wonder what kind of role-model I am. From day one of this fashion blog, I knew that I didn’t want to promote “perfection”. After all, I am not perfect myself. There is a difference between “professional-looking” and “perfect looking”, and I strive for the first one.

What is your closet like? Is it a walk-in?
I wish! I mean, don’t get me wrong, I would love to have a walk-in closet just because my every-day life would be much easier. I now live in chaos -I have a few things that I constantly wear in my bedroom and the rest are here and there, scattered somewhere between my house and my parents’ house.

MAVRU CLOSETWhat takes up more space in your closet?

I think the shoes, and more accurately their boxes!

You previously mentioned that you went through a marathon regarding finding the right photographer for MAVRU blog. Now you work closely with Alina Lefa. In your opinion, how important is photography for a fashion blog? Is personal style enough in order to become successful?

I believe photography is the key when it comes to a fashion blog because it is the medium that communicates what you have to show or say. In my case, I owe very much to Alina and her photography. Without her, my “image” would be completely different. So, to answer your question, I think that in order to stand out you have to showcase excellent content -style-wise, photography wise etc; it’s a combination of many different factors.

Please share your thoughts on the blogging scene in Greece.

I realize that in some ways here in Greece we are still somewhat old-fashioned. I am not a pessimist though. I believe that there are many creative minds, many tasteful bloggers that deserve to be known for what they do.

What are you tired of in fashion blogging?

I really don’t get why people have to always justify what they wear! Why there must always be a reason behind your pink t-shirt that you matched with your mom-fit jeans? Come on! No one really cares, as long as it’s cute.

I would never leave home without… my lipstick.

My staple clothing item is … every possible version of a black dress and a shirt.

The best thing about Greek labels is… that they have Greek authenticity and moreover that they produce their clothes under human conditions (I mean they do not use children workers etc).

My favourite magazine is… to be honest, I don’t have one. This year, however, I came across a magazine called the Fliqped (actually we did a collaboration together) and the Kennedy magazine. Both magazines now have a special place in my heart.

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