#heartImmigration: Jigsaw’s new campaign pro immigrants

jigsaw, immigration campaignAmidst Brexit talks and negotiations, the British fashion industry is trying to counter increasing hostility towards immigrants. Last week, fashion chain Jigsaw plastered its windows and billboards with pro-immigration slogans, pointing out that without immigration the company would be “selling potato sacks”. The company currently struggles to fill vacancies and combat rising costs due to higher import taxes.

According to Jigsaw, people in Britain are 37% British on average. Thus in their new collection, dedicated to immigrants, they state “ Beautiful materials from 16 countries, made by 45 nationalities.” and they continue with their Immigration Manifesto

As a clothing brand we couldn’t do what we do if people weren’t free to move around. Without immigration, we’d be selling potato sacks. We need beautiful minds from around the world. Working with beautiful materials from around the world. To make beautiful things for people around the world. Fear, isolation, and intolerance will hold us back. Love, openness, and collaboration will take us forward.”

Although Jigsaw’s campaign really carries forward the message of humanism and compassion, there where only two ethnic models featured in the “immigration lookbook” -the most looks where photographed on white models. Thus, considering Jigsaw’s Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement and their Pricing Manifesto, I find that only the 37% is a well- put marketing trick and the rest of it is a true belief of the company. After all, the end justifies the means.

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