How to get rid of the bad smell from vintage clothes

I was reading a hilarious article the other day about a “study”, which showed that owning a cool leather jacket is more rewarding than raising children. I laughed. However I identified with that fraudulent study. I hate to admit it –I have the black-leather-jacket fever, and that makes two of us.

A while ago I thrifted on Depop this real leather perfecto for ten euros. Speaking of my bargain, the previous owner either must have been a heavy smoker or lived in mud. You know that dank smell second-hand or vintage clothes often have. It is not about whether they are clean or not. It is about that funky smell which never goes away, even if you spritz the whole thing with Chanel no5 (no actually don’t attempt that, it will get worse).

However, if the previous owner was a smoker, I am a drinker. I broke the spell using some magical vodka. Yep, that’s right, spritz vodka (1/3) mixed with water (2/3) on your jacket. Let it dry, and that’s all folks.

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