We decluttered Fay Lander’s closet

25 years old. Hair colour –  always depends on her mood. Could be bubblegum pink one week and baby blue the next!  Every time I see her, she has some adventure to tell me about some crazy party she went to yesterday, or the day before that, or the day before that. In other words, Fay is the ultimate party girl so it shouldn’t surprise you that at night she works as a DJ in various clubs in Athens.

Her closet isn’t too big, but that wonderful and colourful 80’s era just pops right out. 80% of her clothes are second hand. The rest are pieces she made herself or bought at funky little shops. Bill Cunningham would have loved to take a pic of her unique street style. See here what pieces she donated to our project. Check here in order to see what she donated to our good cause.

Maximalism or Minimalism?

It depends. Sometimes I just wanna feel comfortable, so I wear a baggy leather jacket and jeans. Other times though, I mix glitter and floral.

Bomber or biker jacket?

Bomber. Preferably colourful.

Do you keep up with fashion trends? Do you read magazines?

I don’t really follow magazine fashion. I prefer to observe beautiful people in the streets and see how their personality shines through their clothes.

What’s your biggest inspiration fashionwise?

Basically street fashion, and the various styles of the people in my life, like my sister and close friends. We always borrow each other’s stuff, because hey! cool clothes should be shared!

What would you never wear?

I wouldn’t wear something I don’t feel comfortable in.

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