Make fashion, not war: Beni Fashion Week in Congo has a political meaning

Do you ever wonder how fashion can be used alternatively? How would fashion look like if it wouldn’t be used as a medium for sales? Well, here in Closet Liberation, we all strive for this kind of fashion and we surely know that you strive for it as well.

Beni Fashion Week Backstage Photo credits: The Associated Press

An example of fashion activism is the Beni Fashion Week held in eastern Congo. Following years of attacks and sexual violence by soldiers and other armed groups, about 600 residents of the city of Beni just experienced their first fashion week since 2014. Congolese designers including Roselyne Mbiya and Miki Sikabwe. exhibited their work. Roselyne said that some of the show’s proceeds will go to women who have been raped by the ADF rebels.

Regarding this example, choose your New Year’s resolutions wisely. As you can see, there is hope. We can do a lot better in the new year.

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