Message to faux pas justice warriors: Please stop buying fast-fashion, activism-inspired apparel

It’s not that we didn’t like quoted t-shirts from the beginning -no, actually we didn’t- but this trend set up by wannabe justice warrior’s and corporations has to stop. “Feminism” has become nothing more than a decoration, a trend, and now, a fashion statement. Let us clear that feminism is not about pink, girls and “girl gangs”. No offence but, no revolution started ever because of a quoted, mass-produced t-shirt saying “We should all be feminists” or “Girl Power”.

Can you not see that fast-fashion brands have no interest in revolution, feminism and other movements what so ever? They are only interested in profit which means, sales and labour exploitation. They exploit men, women and child workers, who work in their factories under the worst conditions and get roughly paid.

In order to sell and make money, corporations use your interest in changing the world to make cute t-shirts. Retailers selling activist-related apparel while using unethical manufacturing, means that they are exploiting the very social justice movements.

Actually, by purchasing a feminist tee from H&M let’s say, you give consent to exploitation of feminism. Instead, we would suggest to any self-proclaimed feminist/ activist out there, to advocate against the tactics that fashion retailers follow.

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