Minki SS19 – London Fashion Week

I have always loved open air markets. When I was a little girl, my mother used to take me with her to the market every Monday and Saturday. Later on, I found myself strolling through several flea markets around the world. My favourites are the flea-market at Mauerpark, Berlin and the Naschmarkt in Vienna.

I have never been physically to Nigeria, neither to the Balogun Market on Lagos Island. Mentally, I just did due to the Minki SS19 collection show, during London Fashion Week.

Minki`s market is eclectic; selling an absurd amount of variegated goods with a constant flow of people, voices, gestures and styles. Minki clashes different outlines such as rock band tees paired with black leggings and combat boots, pique tennis polo shirts paired with mini, peplum skirts, biker leather jackets, colourful maxi dresses, 1980s styled printed bomber dresses. The collection was built up around contrasting fabrics such as humble cottons, seersuckers, canvases, plastics and silk twills. The vibrant collection uses a mixture of reds, yellows and deep sky blues. Whilst white shades, creams, amaranths, magenta pinks and midnight greens mainstream the collection.

The collection gave me an instant happiness and made wanna get to know the women who were wandering around me wearing those beautiful (and beautifully made) clothes. Bold, geometric prints are back and Minki verifies that.

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