River Blue: This is the new documentary that explains why Climate Change has to do with Fashion

We often speak about child labour, bad working conditions and general labour exploitation in the fashion brands’ factories. There are many documentaries that we suggest you watch from times to times, such as “The True Cost” and “Machines”. So if you are a devoted reader of ours, you now know how it is like to work in a garment factory in Bangladesh or India. You also know -if you don’t, check the interview with Tansy Hoskins– that the whole fashion industry is corrupted and those things do not only happen in fast-fashion factories.

river blue, river, fast fashion

What about nature though? Nature is violated and polluted by the toxic waste that factories produce and by the chemicals fashion industry uses to produce garments and, moreover by our consumption habits that add up to the waste. The environmental cost, which is no less pressing in the age of global climate change, is something that we don’t tend to speak for. That gap is what the directors David Mcllvride and Roger Williams tried to fill by making the new badass documentary “River Blue”.

The new documentary-film, that explores how the garment industry has polluted and destroyed rivers across the globe, premiered in worldwide cities and will be released on iTunes on November 27. The movie looks at rivers in China, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Zambia and the US affected by dyes and other released toxins and follows river conservationist Mark Angelo.

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