Secondhand shopping made easy with this free app

one mans trash, thrifting, second handAutumn feels like a new beginning and often, most of us tend to make our fashion-related purchases at this particular time of the year. Why? Because we feel that it is the right moment to update our wardrobe and style. It is getting colder and we don’t really know what marketers do to us, but we all feel like we have nothing to wear or/ and we don’t have something fancy to put on.

We can’t judge you and can’t definitely stop you from buying that trendy red dress. All we can do is advice you to shop at second-hand shops, flea markets or related to the second-hand mindset applications. We don’t brand ourselves as ethical but hey! Give clothes a second chance. After all, you can find some super cheap diamonds while thrifting -not actual ones, but you know…

We have made a list of the best applications for online thrifting a while ago, but today we are gonna mention one more. Here in Germany, it is the most popular and it is called Shpock, but it works as well for Europe in general. Shpock is the boot sale app for all kinds of things. What do we like about this app? Your options for negotiating, swapping, buying, selling and bartering in this particular market are endless. You might even find a free offer in your area while browsing through the items in your neighbourhood -especially if you live in Berlin, where something like that is very common. Give it a try and let us know your thoughts.

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