Statement Coat: a guide to shop bargain outerwear

It is the most wonderful time of the year. Additionally, it is the coldest time of the year. Luckily statement coats and furs are now a thing, and it is ok to be on a hunt for that trendy outerwear. After all, a coat will help you to deal with the snowfalls in Berlin or everywhere you are. Our job here is to guide you to buy smart. Bargains are our thing and we definitely know, that there is no one better than us to find for you the perfect statement coat.

You can read Vogue and Marie Claire also. Go ahead. There are many style guides and advertorials out there who will push you to buy overpriced coats from fast-fashion brands like ZARA and COS. The problem is that you are not the only one who reads them. Imagine now how many people have the same unreasonably expensive coat as you have. Not to mention fast-fashion’s unethical producing practices.

Lads, first of all, thank you for choosing us for your alternative fashion reads. Secondly, we don’t wanna look like basic bitches. So get it together and read that catalogue with statement outerwear you can find in thrift-stores -online and actual ones- in very good prices. Santa came early this year, indeed.



Please remember! Bargains does not wait forever on the hang. It is possible some of those pieces to not be available anymore. So first contact the second-hand shops, before visiting. Either way, you can find something out there. There are plenty of options. Just think smart.


ASOS Marketplace 

Black Vintage Berlin

Sing Blackbird Berlin

Paul’s Boutique Berlin

Garage Berlin

Dandy Horse Berlin

Legends Berlin

KleiderKreisel Velvet Coat

KleiderKreisel Puffy Coat

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