The flat fact about Fashion, Size and Bras

We are raised in a world full of images. The majority of them portray the ideal image. The ideal life, the ideal style, the ideal car, the ideal family and moreover the ideal body. We see between 2000 and 5000 images of bodies every week -just scroll down your Instagram feed. Even though Madrid and Milan Fashion Week banned “sized- zero” models and Ashley Graham promotes “plus size” philosophy very well, fashion is still a shrinking industry.

As Cara Delevinge rises in popularity, small breasts are getting more desirable, pushing aside the once so popular push-up bras. British retailer John Lewis, for example, recorded a 44 percent plunge in boob enhancing bra styles. Instead of voluptuous cleavage, women are now opting for flat chested androgynous looks, lifting sales of more comfortable bras. Does it really has to do with the rising of the “no- gender” philosophy -which is actually more of a mannish style- or it is just another phenomenon of the skinny fashion trend, that which the fashion industry wants us to strive for?

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