Top Worst Fall 2018 Fashion Trends That No-One Really Understands

I have always had an eye for the upcoming trends. Don’t ask me how I’ve mastered it. It is like an instinct, certainly something that I accidentally do. Now, after spending eight months in a small city in Laconia, Greece I can say with authority that I can spot with the same ease the fashion faux-pas; all those trends that no-one really understands but they all wear.

Comparing a big city like Athens to a smaller one like Sparta, one could say that people are equally aware in both cities of what is going on in fashion. However, there is a difference between the two audiences, Athenians -for example- question what they are served by the fashion industry, whereas the fashionistas in Sparta just take every trend in.

Let me express my sympathy for those who don’t understand what they wear. And now allow me to continue with the most awkward trends for this season.

no. 1 Transparent Plastic Clothing

What are the chances of a plastic trend appearing nowadays, while the world becomes more and more aware of ethical consumption? Aside from the eco-friendly point of view… the problem with plastic is that apparently, it turns yellow pretty quickly.

no. 2 The Extra-Oversized Outerwear

Ok, let me make that clear. I love oversized clothes. There is nothing sexier than convenience. Indeed, who doesn’t love to be snuggled by their own humongous shearling jacket? You! if you are tiny, skinny and especially short, make yourself a favor and don’t try this trend. Unless you strive for the “funny” look.

In case you have harmonic face features you can try the no.4 trend though. We can’t have it all. Do we?

no. 3 Controversial Headpieces

Well, this trend goes back to screen sirens of the ’40s and ’50s. To be honest I am pleased that headpieces are back. Hats, beanies, headscarves are practical is one thing-keeping your head warm and save you from a bad hair day- and complete the outfit while they make you stand out from the crowd. However, you want to stand out for the right reasons. Choose wisely.

Let’s say some things are suitable for certain occasions like catwalks, shows and theme parties.

no. 4 Tiny sunglasses

Unless you have a head size my niece’s -who is 4 years old- I do not approve. Seriously, those sunglasses are made for kids. You gonna regret this two years from now.

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